New Haven Senior Ministry’s Strategy to Reach Out Seniors Bears Fruit

IMG_3746The strategy of the New Haven Senior Ministry to make frequent visits to those places where senior can be found is beginning to bear fruit. On July 14th, the chapter went to visit the Atwater Senior Service Center. It was one more time the local senior chapter visits that center and that a consistent approach to the seniors in the community bore fruit.

This time, even though the seniors were preparing to leave for an activity outside the center, they gave a warm welcome to the chapter members as  they have become acquaintances for them. It was possible to interact closely with the center clients, even Bible verses were written to some of them.

Just when the chapter members were leaving the center they came to know an old lady who is under treatment to cure her cancer. She expressed her desire to know more about Jesus and the bible. She received all he information about the church activities, specially the Senior Bible Study its celebrated every Thursday afternoon and she agreed to meet the pastor to receive the grace of the word that she needs so much.

This visit has confirmed the chapter members that by keeping a constant contact with the seniors they will be able to bring to more of them the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bolivia’s Senior Ministry Launches Plan for This Month of July


The La Paz, Bolivia, Senior Ministry has agreed to hold activities focused on assisting seniors in need in the community during this month of July. The Senior Ministry Leader of Bolivia shared her plan of this month of July.

The motto that presides over these activities was taken from Deuteronomy 15:11. “There never will be no need in the land, so I command you to be generous to those compatriots of yours who suffer poverty and misery in your country.”

Being conscious that the spiritual and material needs in the life of the seniors increases everyday; With this activities the Senior Ministry “Crown of Honor” will living testimony of the presence of God on this earth. With jubilation in the heart it will have a prayer meeting because prayer is the what creates a bond with the Father and is the mainstay of the church.

The Ministry is actively inviting  people who want to learn to make artistic gelatins, this in order to evangelize the people who visit the church to learn and also raise funds to assist in the mission that the ministry has undertaken.

The Ministry has scheduled several visits to a nursing home in La Paz where its members had a warm fellowship with the interns. Groups of two or three senior members will visit the institution  each time to establish lasting bonds with the interns as it will make easier to bring them to God.

The Ministry plans to visit another nursing home in the city of El alto, not far from La Paz The seniors in this nursing home  suffer from scarcities and hardships that the Ministry is eager to address.

Ongoing Senior Ministry Senior Bible Study in New Haven Church

senior-bible-studyOn November 11, the Senior Ministry at New haven church in Connecticut held a Bible study for senior members. The relevant verses were Isaiah 55.6-9. The title of the bible study was “As the Heavens are higher than the Earth.”

The participants considered that the message contained in those verses was very inspirational. The commented that during their lifetime they lad felt lonely or empty, mired in deep sorrow but it was because they have not had God in their hearts. That He, as a patient mother takes care of her sick son, is always here for us. They gave testimony how their lives were changed the moment they realize the Truth of God’s love and recognize the importance of the sacrifice made by Jesus through which that love was revealed to us.

The participants recognized that the people of faith may suffer but that suffering has its meaning for them, it is an opportunity to attain spiritual growth.

Reflecting on the relevant verses, the participants agreed that e should remember that God made both, joy and sorrow so in times of adversity we should remember this truth and it will help us to overcome any trial we should go through.