Welcome to WOA Senior Ministry!


Dear Seniors:

We are pleased to announce the opening of a Senior Ministry in our church and we are wholeheartedly welcoming you to join us in the common effort of spreading the Word of God throughout the world.

We hope that our Ministry of which this website is its banner, will become the point of encounter for seniors to express themselves and at the same time be informed of subjects of interest for them.

According to recent statistics the number of seniors steadily increases each year not only in developed countries but also in developing ones as a result of the bettering of living conditions.

Seniors can play a great role in the church. They have lived long lives and have accumulated experience on so many aspects of human existence that that make of them a valuable source of knowledge that can be transferred to younger generations.

Christian seniors know the value of mercy, compassion and love towards the neighbor. In the final stages of their lives God reveals to them the importance of being righteous, of opening our hearts to the Holy Spirit and to the Grace of Our Father. Senior can transfer those values not only to their congregations but also to people in their communities.

Ministers and senior adults alike on each local church are invited to organize and perform activities in which aged people will play the main role. The list of 42 ideas we have posted on our Home page pretends to be just a guideline for seniors to choose which activities they consider feasible to put into practice. By working for their Senior Ministries, aged people on every local church can make a profound difference in their lifers and the lives of those around them.

So let’s embark together in this journey that can take us closer to God. May our savior Jesus christ guide our steps in this journey.

God bless you all.

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