Ongoing Senior Ministry Senior Bible Study in New Haven Church

senior-bible-studyOn November 11, the Senior Ministry at New haven church in Connecticut held a Bible study for senior members. The relevant verses were Isaiah 55.6-9. The title of the bible study was “As the Heavens are higher than the Earth.”

The participants considered that the message contained in those verses was very inspirational. The commented that during their lifetime they lad felt lonely or empty, mired in deep sorrow but it was because they have not had God in their hearts. That He, as a patient mother takes care of her sick son, is always here for us. They gave testimony how their lives were changed the moment they realize the Truth of God’s love and recognize the importance of the sacrifice made by Jesus through which that love was revealed to us.

The participants recognized that the people of faith may suffer but that suffering has its meaning for them, it is an opportunity to attain spiritual growth.

Reflecting on the relevant verses, the participants agreed that e should remember that God made both, joy and sorrow so in times of adversity we should remember this truth and it will help us to overcome any trial we should go through.

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